North American P-51 Fighter Leader II download

FS2004 Version 2

North American P-51 Mustang 'Fighter Leader II

This is a Special Edition Collectors Set that brings together a very comprehensive range of North American P-51 Mustangs in various schemes, colors and configurations the like of which has never before been seen for Flight Simulator FS9.

Stunning and amazing color schemes, the unique Merlin warble and all the challenge of flying this rare native breed in all its glory is what will appeal in this special edition!

FIGHTER LEADER II showcases the complete sets of all of the color schemes of the TEN aircraft included in the download package in high and detailed examples as follows:
P-51C-10-NT, Princess,
42-103896, of the 530th Fighter Squadron, 311th Fighter Group. Based in China, as it would have been seen in July of 1945. The Malcolm hoods never made their way to the CBI, but by this time period, the aircraft has been retrofitted with the dorsal fin fillet, and like most Mustangs in the CBI, is fitted with a DF Loop antenna.

P-51C, Lope's Hope 3rd, of the 75th FS, 23rd FG, based at Chiahkiang, China, flown by Col. Donald Lopez, as it would have been in November of 1944. Like a typical CBI-based Mustang, the aircraft is fitted with a DF Loop, but does not feature the dorsal fin fillet.

P-51C-10-NT, 43-25050, of the 503 FS, 339th FG, based at Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire, England, flown by Lt. Esteban Terrats, as seen in January of 1945. Unfortunately Lt. Terrats was killed in action while flying this a/c, March 2, 1945. By this time, any existing P-51B/C's in operation within the UK, were most likely fitted with both the Malcolm hood and dorsal fin fillet modifications, just as this airframe is.

P-51C-5-NT, Lucky Leaky II, 42-103363, of the 352nd FS, 353rd FG, out of Raydon, England, flown by Lt. John Davenport, as seen in 1945. The aircraft is fitted out with the full compliment of Malcolm hood and dorsal fin fillet, as were most B and C model Mustangs, operating out of England, by this time in the war.

P-51B-1-NA, Bonnie B II, 43-12375, of the 353rd FS, 354th FG, out of Criqueville, France, flown by Capt. Donald "Buzz" Beerbower, as seen in late June, 1944. This aircraft is one of the earliest to have sported the Malcolm hood and dorsal fin fillet modifications.

P-51B-15-NA, 42-106750, of the 5th FS, 52nd FG, out of Italy, as seen in the summer of 1944. While not modified with the addition of a Malcolm hood, the aircraft has been retrofitted with the addition of the dorsal fin fillet. The use of the Malcolm hood was primarily limited to the UK only.

Mustang Mk.III, KH616, of Royal Australian Air Force 3 Squadron, out of Aviano, Italy. While being flown by Warrant Officer J. Quinn, the aircraft was shot down on Boxing Day, 1944, 3 Squadron's last casualty of the war. Quinn spent the rest of the war as a POW. Based in Italy, the aircraft did not feature the addition of the Malcolm hood, but was modified with the addition of the dorsal fin fillet.

Mustang Mk.III, HB876, of Royal Canadian Air Force 441 "Silver Fox" Squadron, out of England, as seen upon arrival to the squadron, in June, 1945. Modified with the addition of a Malcolm hood and dorsal fin fillet, this RCAF Mustang features a unique bare-metal finish, unlike the camo schemes worn by most RCAF Mustangs.

F-6C, Miss Revenge, of the 118 Tac Recon Squadron, 23rd FG, out of Luliang, China, flown by Edward McComas, as seen in December of 1944. McComas, an ace in a day, scored all 14 of his victories flying the P-51C. Like most Mustangs in the CBI, Miss Revenge features a DF Loop antenna, as well as a single camera port for recon duties, but did not receive a dorsal fin fillet by this late stage of the war.

P-51B-10-NA, "Impatient Virgin", 42-106638, of the 376th FS, 361st FG, out of Bottisham, England, flown by pilot's, Lt. Victor Bocquin, Lt. John Bricker, and Flight Officer Wade Ross, during its service time, from May 1944, to June 1945, when it crashed during a low-level training mission. The remnants of the airframe were recovered in 2004, which were incorporated into a newbuild restoration, headed by the company, Pacific Fighters. First flying again in 2008, 42-106638 is finished in the various markings the aircraft wore during its service, and is configured as it was when it crashed in 1945, with Malcolm hood and dorsal fin fillet.

AIRCRAFT: Release Version 2.0. Incredibly detailed and very accurate aircraft model and simulation with many animations & effects. Very fast frame-rate FPS performance. All textures and gauges were created using professional studios and associated apps and there has been a total of eleven months of development on the work. The research alone has utilized well over 500 photographs to model and texture the aircraft to their final different and detailed versions.

VIRTUAL COCKPIT: Release Version 2.0. 3d-modeled and highly scale-accurate. With many operational, 3d-modeled systems and layouts to accurate war diagrams and documents (many at the time top-secret but now de-classified).

FLIGHT MODEL: Aircraft FD Flight Model Technology developed from approved historical and aircraft manufacturer statistical data. The Mustang features unique flight envelope qualities designed to take advantage of FS9's flight characteristic reporting and also to add some very new and accurate 'real feel' qualities to the unrivaled performance of the P-51.

Following consultation with several owners of the sister aircraft (the 'D') this unique set brings to the simulation world a flight dynamic-rich version of earlier models and with pilots who know her, it has been described as 'the sweetest handling' of a known version.

SOUND. Recordings (mixed from real sources) taken both on board and outside the Mustang using advanced recording equipment to produce a fanrtastic quality sound set that adds to and enhances this set like no other!

MANUALS: [RESTRICTED VERSIONS] ORIGINAL ART VERSION ARMY AIR FORCE P-51 Pilots Operating Instructions with full print-able capability.



An Authentic and Accurate Sound Pack of the Unique Packard Merlin Engine.
Hours of recordings of the sounds of the real Packard Merlin have been mixed from two separate sources. Carefully recorded to gain the accuracy of the exhaust sound of the unique Merlin V1650 Engine with its characteristic growl. What you hear is what you will fly and then some...

At high throttle the engine attains peak torque. At full power the familiar 'growl' of the Merlin can be heard as different phases of engine power increase. Perfect for those with 5:1 surround systems; the sound of the engines peak torque tone curves can clearly be heard above its clean characteristic sound as it flies by on high speed passes during displays that you will be happy to give to pleased spectators.

Authentic Engine Firing sounds

Accurate start and shut down

Sounds from outside taken using carefully positioned microphones in flight.

Sounds inside the cockpit have been recorded both on the ground, during and up to take off and in flight with many sound characteristics also recorded as they were heard including buffetting, wind noises, creaks and the clank of metal against ground.

MM- Accurate wing profile.
Wing Aerofoil - unique-shaped laminar-flow wing characteristic
Glazed Canopies; Bird Cage and Malcom Hood - with reflections
Wing Tip Speed Vortices FX.
Grass and Hard Landing FX.
Sparks on hard touch downs.
Retracting gear pulls up in phased delay to exact timing.
Drop down gear doors - a feature seen during display; used to save wear on door hydraulics.
Leading edge gun holes and rim mounts.
Accurate Flap Drop.
Characteristic Radiator scoop Shaping.
Intercooler mounting.
Characteristic Hamilton Standard Prop.
4 M2/AN Browning Guns with accurately sited 350 and 280 rpg sizing.
Ordnance rack grabs for drop tanks on or off (empty).
Different former numbers per aircraft shown.
Mozit Metal Exhausts.
Static Ground Wire at tail.
Battery Vent Tube.
Push Rod on Radiator Door.
N-3B (on/of optioned) optical gunsight with A1 head assembly.
85 Gal self-sealing fuel tank (behind pilot seat and in wing).

A Complete Flight suite of the Mustangs gauges have been meticulously modeled with numerous custom gauges also added to enhance this fine cockpit:

Electrics and start switches
Cockpit Flourecant Lighting
Crash pad
Suction Gauge
Manifold Pressure Gauge
Remote Contacter
Directional Gyro
Flight Indicator
Oxygen Flow Blinker
Mixture Control
Prop Control
Boost Control
Landing Gear Indicators
Bank and Turn Indicators
Airpseed Indictor
Bank and Turn Indicator
Rate of Climb Indicator
Collant Temperature Indicator
Oit Temp and Fuel Gauges
Oxygen Regulator
Enclosure Release handle with slide back and correct opening animations
Engine Limitations Plate
Control Stick Grip
Gun and Bomb Control Panel
Parking Brake Handle
Parking Brake Instructions Plate
Engine Primer
Oxygen Pressure Gauge
Oxygen System Warning Lamp
Bomb Control Handle
Landing Gear COntrol
Booster Pump Switches
Supercharger Control
Supercharger Warning Light
Starter Switch
Oil Dilution Switch
Ignition Switch
Compass Light Control
Gun Site Light Control
LH Flourescant Light Control
Fuel Valve Control
Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
Emergency Fairing Door Control
Hydraulic Hand Pump
Airplane Restriction Palte
Cockpit Enc Handle
Gen Dic. Switch
Pitot Heater Switch
Landing Light Switch
Wing Pos. Light Switch.
Tail Pos. Light Switch.
RH Flourescant Light Control
Circuit Breaker Buttons
SCR-522 Radio Control Box
Cockpit Light
SCR-535 Radio Control Box
Map Case
Detonator Switch
Right Fuel Tank Gauge
Hot Air Control
Pilot's Relief Tube
Sliding Window Lock Handle
Microphone Press-to-Talk Switch
Signal Pistol Holder
Collant Radiator Scoop Control
Oil Rad Scoop Control
Qudarant Friction Control
Flap Control handle
Carb Air Control
Rudder Trim Control
Aileron Trim Control
Elevator Trim Control
Bomb Control Anti Salvo Guard
Left Tank Fuel Gauge
Defroster Control
Spring Loaded locks and pins
Head Glass
Glazed Canopies, Bird Cage and Malcom Hood with interior reflections
Ring and Bead Sights on top of engine cowling formers (where included)
N-3B (on/of optioned) optical gunsight with A1 head assembly

FLIGHT MODEL - WARNING - PROFESSIONALS NOTE:  Highly sensitive flight model. (Stall it on a tight turn and you will spin like the B or C or III manual warns).

For those using Force FX Hardware. The buffet due to applying too much back-pressure on the control column will be felt throughout the different speed ranges.


DROP TANKS. Set up and ARM and DROP the drop tanks on bombing runs.
ANIMATED OPENING COCKPITS determine at height if airman wears oxy mask or not.
CLAM SHELL DOOR RELEASE - a feature seen following shut down is the slow drop of the clam-shell doors; used to save wear on door hydraulics and actuated via the hyd release in the 3d cockpit.
N-3B (on/off optioned) optical gunsight with A1 head assembly operable from the 3d cockpit.