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P-51D 'Cadillac of the Skies' – Customer Testimonials

“$40 Instant download. Load it into FSX; No nonsense, code or any other stuff. Up and away! Boy oh boy It's easier to fly than the "B" model. Love it, just love it. “

“One simple sentence to sum it up. Your work is just amazing. You're a well accomplished craftsman doing what you do for the flightsim community.
....I've seen your work right before my eyes with stick in hand. The level of detail had a huge wow factor with me in your previous work. In my eyes you are a great asset to the history of the P-51 with your ability to represent it in such a real form. “

“Never stop doing what you do. You're a great asset to bringing aircraft back to life for everyone to experience. “

“All I can say is wow! this P-51 Is Better than my Flight1 P51 By 900 times! way Better Frame Rates Better Handling and the Flight Panel is By Far Better then there’s could have ever been!
I give Your P-51 10 of 10
My NEW FAV P-51 Mustang Good work Warbirdsim”

“I gotta say, as someone who has modeled the P-51 many times, its not an easy bird to capture. She looks simple, but has many many small complex curvs on it. This model I think captures the feel of the P-51 better than any others I have seen so far, and not only that, but it gets good frame rate? Top notch work guys! “

“Worry not, you who are on the fence... It is worth it! By the way, I really like the whistling sound. I know some do not, but I feel it makes it much more realistic and closer to the actual aircraft. Initially I was worried, but after I heard it, it was a non issue, sounds just like that video. So if you're worried about the company and download,etc; don't be.”

“Warbirdsim has done Good What a beauty... Well Done
Thanks again Bomber Can't wait to see what you're thinking of after the Mustangs
PS Fighter Leaders is still an all time Favorite of Mine “

“This looks like a winner. I have the P-51B/C for both FS9 and FSX, but currently only have the FS9 one installed. This Warbirdsim outfit makes some of the best looking ships out there for FS. The screen shots for this one look fantastic. After the FSX P-51B/C activation experience I admit to being a bit reluctant to get this one, but after John answered this question, my credit card is once again locked and loaded. I may not be able to resist... “

Fellow modeller......
“The two area's that gave me the most problems was the area just forward of the radiator intake (you have the wings, body, and landing gear/wheel well all meeting up in the same area) and the area just aft of the spinner, and forward of the canopy. There are a LOT of curvs in there that people simply dont see! They had to cram that engine in there, and fold aluminum around it till it was smooth. Both very difficult, but I think you nailed them! Good luck with sales on this!”

“Ive been simming since Microprose F-19 and musta bought or flown hundreds and hundreds of addons. I need another Mustang like another fsx.cfg tweek but my weakness for the plane kicked in and last night I bought her.
Dam fine plane and one of the best flying and over fun to buzz around in I have flown.
Easy on the fps and the best sounding engine of any warbird Ive flown.
One of the top 10 FSX Warbirds planes Imo.
Great work.”

“at last an FSX native P51D that looks just right from every angle and the attention to detail is amazing... I had every confidence it would be based on the B/C models which I bought when they came out... but I was still pleasantly surprised... thank you John & Co”

“Amazing Mustang
worth every penny. After buying the B and C I knew I would pick up the D. Well I’ve only had a few minutes to fly it, but it simply amazing so far.
Thanks for giving me another great Pony...”
A really wonderful review, which we are very proud of, from our friends at AVSIM.

"Folks, What can I say but WOW!!!!!!!
I have flown just about every version of the P-51 on the market, and am also somewhat of a Mustang aficionado. I would definitely be remiss if I didn't write to commend you on a FANTASTIC version of the early P-51 series!
I just finished my first flight with "Princess Elizabeth" in the pattern of the "home drome", and was purely impressed by the plane in all facets.
Taxi to the active is an exercise in precision, and simply has to be experienced to be believed!
Takeoff was exciting as I eased the throttle forward to let all those horses under the cowling run loose. The torque is powerful but extremely manageable. A warning to the novice P-51 pilot, careful, she can bite you for a moment of not paying attention to her!
The flight itself, from liftoff to landing, was just pure exhilaration!
Again, it has to be experienced. She can be a bit touchy, but this is a thoroughbred, not a cart horse...just what one would expect!
Treat her with care and respect, and she'll never let you down!
You have done a simply EXCELLENT job with the Mustang,
and I simply had to express my thanks and satisfaction with her! I have to echo the previous comments of "If you haven't bought her, what are you waiting for!!!!"

"I think "like" is an understatement...
After a few more times around the pattern last night, I took her out and put
her through her paces. I'll tell you, she's perfectly designed according to the
performance reports and the charts.
Keep them coming, and I'll keep flying them!"

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for providing the FS
community with these Mustangs. Congratulations on providing what is
without doubt the most immersive model ever released for FS. I have
bought nearly all the major payware military and classic releases for FS9,
and very few even come close to the quality and value of the Warbirdsim
Mustangs. Usually, I fly from the VC, but with these planes, I have found
myself switching to spot view just to admire the beauty and realism
modelled into these aircraft. The sounds are incredible as well. I will be
camping out in line to purchase ANY aircraft that you guys model in the
future. Now, to punch a few more holes in the sky with this amazing

"I cannot say enough about how much I am enjoying these aircraft. I wish now that I had exercised enough patience to order the CD version, because I would really like to have the extras that came with it, but I had to have my Mustang fix NOW... I don't think I could have waited...I have put more hours on these Ponies in a shorter time frame than any aircraft I've ever flown in FS9. For those of you still wavering on whether or not to purchase these planes, let me say this... The only way the experience of flying a Mustang could be more "real" would be if you forked over the hundreds (or thousands, maybe) of dollars it would cost to buy some stick time in one of the Mustang trainers actually flying today. I have never flown a real Mustang, but I have lived and breathed them since I was old enough to say Mustang. So far, the Warbirdsim Mustangs fly and perform as professed by all of the pilot's accounts I have read or watched. If you get them, you will not regret it. My machine is very much "middle-of-the-road" as performance goes, and these Ponies run without any drop in frames as compared to MS stock aircraft. You don't need a super-computer to run and enjoy them. Now... GO GET 'EM!"
Quicksand SOH forums

"Well I just received WBS Fighter Leader CD. I thought Aerosofts Do-27 was as close to real as I would see in an FS add-on. No , this pony is ...... you gotta fly it by the book. Otherwise she will dump you real quick. Definitely the best add-on I have come across. Worth every penny. Very, very nice job guys. And looking forward to the repaints. "
W. Derek Gibbons

" This is a superb piece of work by all concerned. IMHO worth the wait; price comparisons are futile. What you get is truly awesome flying experience."

"Bought the "B" package and I'm a happy camper. Thanks to John and the Warbirdsim crew, it's everything you promised."

"For me this is as immersive as it gets. To fly two versions of the P-51 and start to appreciate subtle differences in the flight dynamics that are consistent with WWII pilots' reports; it don't get better than that!!"

"My only complaint is that I can't stop flying it"

"Been flying the wings off of these Ponies since installing them earlier, and I am pleased beyond measure.... Total immersion is a hopeless understatement for these planes. WOW"

Quicksand SOH forums

"Mine finally arrived, yay! I must say, this plane does live up to all the pre-release hype. Fantastic. Sounds are beautiful."

"Dern it... I had planned on buying this from the moment it was announced, long before I had a job or any money to spend on anything, just to support JT, regardless of quality.
Prices made me shrink.
screenshots did me in... and I spent more than I can currently afford on it.
for once, being and idiot paid off.
There is one word to describe this plane.
this plane is clearly worth far more than the asking price.
and performance is legendary... 55 FPS in exterior, 30 in VC with my rig,
Jeez, guys. If any of you are still hesitating, stop it. This purchase is entirely worth it!"

"I've got to say that this P-51 is the best aircraft ever made for FS9; my opinion. I've flown just about every single engine fighter made for FS9, payware and freeware. Each time I fly the WBS P-51 the more it grows on me. It's gotten so bad/good that I can't fly anything else! The VC is beautiful. The FM is a masterpeice; you'll discover that very quickly as you accelerate down the flight line and she starts to lift off. The exterior of the plane, the skin panels, make me drool each time I look at them. I can imagine myself walking around her during my pre-flight check just stroking the skin as I walk by! The exterior detail is second to none! The sounds are what really pull a plane together and make it feel real. The WBS P-51 sounds so real I can almost smell the engine exhaust as she turns over. I've just gone head over heels in love with this plane..........I can't help it! Don't laugh at me too hard!"