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2. Engine Start.
3. Opening Cockpit.
4. Taxiing.
5. Keeping Straight on the Runway.
6. Drop Tank Release.
7. Engine Cut.
8. Clam Shell Door Opening.
9. Simple Engine Stopping.
10. Cockpit Gauges.
11. Cockpit Switches.
12. Boxed Price
13. Confirmation Email
14. Error Message!


Q. Where can I find support for my products.

A. Email address for direct support is as follows:


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This address is for all enquiries about products or about our product range.
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Engine Start.

Q: How do I start the Engine?

A: - Throttle: .75 in Open, Propellor: Full Forward, Mixture: Auto Rich, Fuel Booster Pump: On, Prime: 3-4 strokes cold or 1-2 strokes hot, Magnetos: Both, Engage Starter.
Or Control E

Opening Cockpit.

Q: How do I open the Cockpit Canopy?

A: Pull the enclosure release handle towards you and move the mouse upwards. Or Shift E


Q: I am having trouble taxiing the aircraft.

A: Use short bursts of power to get airflow over the rudder. At very slow speed, unlock the tailwheel by pushing forward on the stick. If you feel the aircraft start to turn too much, then ease the stick back to lock the tailwheel again. Also use toebrakes where possible. With toebrake and unlocked rudder the Mustang will turn very tightly.

Keeping Straight on the Runway.

Q: How do I keep straight on take off?

A: This is due to the P Factor and gyroscopic effects from the engine (Torque), making the aeroplane swing and roll the opposite way to the propellor. Careful use of right Rudder and Aileron will counteract this until you are airbourne.

Drop Tank Release.

Q: How do I release the drop tanks.

A: Make sure the bomb switches on the bottom left of the panel, are armed (clicked up)
and then move the Bomb Salvo Release forward. This is situated Just under and slightly forward of the throttle quadrant. 

Engine Cut.

Q: The Engine cuts as I climb to high altitude, how can I stop this?

A: Lean the Fuel Mixture until the engine restarts. Also check that the fuel tank you are using has not emptied. Change tanks if need be using the selector under the main instrument panel.

Clam Shell Door Opening.

Q: The Clam Shell Doors are not opening.

A: Pull the red Hydraulic Release Lever, just under the main instrument panel.

Simple Engine Stopping.

Q: How do I stop the Engine?

A: Pull the Mixture Lever back to full idle cut off.

Cockpit Gauges.

Q: The clickable Cockpit Gauges don't work.

A: Left mouse button to wind left and Right mouse button to wind right.

Cockpit Switches.

Q: Why don't all the cockpit switches work?

A: A good balance has to be made between frame rates and realism. Most general switches are working, but you will have to make allowances for the limitations of the Simulator Program.

Boxed Price

Q: Why are the boxed versions more expensive than the downloads?

A: The boxed versions contain some extra printed items and include postage and packing.

Confirmation Email

Q. I have registered but don't receive the confirmation email.

A. Check your spam settings and security. Most of our customers who receive this message have their security settings too high and the message gets blocked.

Error Message!

Q. After I installed the software, I went to run FS9 and got an error message.

A. Install Microsoft Flight Simulator service pack