Mustang Tales - Post WWII and NAVY Service

This product tells of the individual stories of 15 different Mustangs, that when combined tell of the greater legacy of the P-51D/F-51D from WWII until the present day.

P-51D-5-NA 44-14017 was borrowed by the U.S. Navy for carrier operations trials. Fitted with arrestor hook and catapult gear, the aircraft completes 25 successful landings and takeoffs aboard the U.S.S. Shangri-La. Both the aircraft and aircraft carrier are included in this extensive collection.
Had the Navy rushed a Naval version of the P-51D into production by the summer of 1945, we see what that aircraft might have looked like, fresh off the production line, in the “what if?” FJ-1D ‘Seahorse’.

A broad selection of Mustangs are included in this primarily postwar aimed dynamic and exciting group of aircraft. There is something here to thrill all Mustang fans, from the beautiful award winning and gleaming “Geraldine” a present day restoration, to the ex Guatemalan  Air Force F-51D, bought instead of being scrapped. This is at the opposite end of the spectrum and is very nicely ‘beaten up’, with missing gauges. Examples of the F-51 are here including the Minnesota ANG version with the later fixed tail wheel introduced as a technical order, post war. And we feauture many more air arms in this product than seen before, including the Republic of Korea  F-51 Mustang, as well as a Royal New Zealand Air Force example. There are also Royal Canadian Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force versions. The NACA ETF-51D used in the high speed tests for the Bell X-1 is included in its original form. All in turn going on to complete the story of one of if not the most iconic fighters built.

Aircraft Featured -
P-51D-5-NA  44-14017  - NAVY - Standard
P-51D-5-NA  44-14017 – NAVY - Catapult
FJ-1D ‘Seahorse’.  - Standard (What if version)
FJ-1D ‘Seahorse’.  - Catapult (What if version)
P-51D-30-NA  44-75025, “Shangri-La”
P-51D-30-NT  45-11513, RNZAF 
P-51D-25-NT  44-84489 Royal Australian Air Force
ETF-51D-25-NT  44-84900 “NACA 127”,
F-51D-30-NA  44-74692  Republic of Korea
RF-51D-25-NT  44-84837 “Little Lynn
F-51D-25-NT  45-11489, Minnesota ANG,
F-51D-20-NA  44-72197, 192nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron
Mk.IV  RCAF 9595  “City of Vancouver Squadron”
F-51D-30-NA  44-74452  Guatemalan Air Force
P-51D-30-NA  44-74543  Restored “Geraldine”
P-51D-30-NA  44-74543  Restored “Geraldine” – Reno Air Races 2010

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U.S.S. Shangri-La Carrier and AI Route

The U.S. Navy borrowed P-51D-5-NA 44-14017 for carrier trial examination. fitted with tail hook and catapult gear, conducted 150 land-based arrested landings and an untold number of catapult launches and simulated carrier takeoffs. The aircraft went out to sea aboard the USS Shangri-La in November and performed 4 successful carrier landings and 4 successful carrier take-offs. In all, the aircraft would complete 25 landings and take-offs from the Shangri-La, including several catapult launches. Through this product you are now capable of recreating those same original carrier operations, with all of the same details, for the first time since those trials originally took place.

An accurate depiction of the USS Shangri-La, developed by Michael Davies, is included in this product, and is depicted as it was at the time of the P-51 carrier trials. The carrier is setup with an AI route that takes the ship from the Norfolk docks up into Chesapeake Bay where the original trials actually took place. The ship's schedule even follows the times recorded from the ship's logs.


P-51D 'Then and Now Series' Part 3

P-51D 'Then and Now Series' Part2

P-51D 'Twilight Tear'

Warbirdsim is proud to introduce P-51D "Twilight Tear, Then and Now. the personal mount of Lt. Hubert "Bill" Davis. From the wear and tear of combat, to the polish and perfection of an outstanding restoration, this product features fully authentic reproductions of Twilight Tear as it would have been seen in late 1944 and 1945 as well as the aircraft as it is restored today as an EAA Grand Champion award Warbird . This product provides for a level of accuracy in reproducing these particular aircraft that has never been made possible before. Whether you are interested in re-living the past, or recreating the present, available now is both the chance to fly the P-51D as Lt. Davis would have known it in 1945, or as current pilots will find it in the meticulous restoration of today."    Click here for images


P-51D 'Then and Now Series'

P-51D 'Cripes A' Mighty'

Whether you are interested in re-living the past, or recreating the present, available now is both the chance to fly the P-51D as Major George E. Preddy Jr would have known it in the last months of 1944, or as current pilots will find it in the meticulous restoration of today."
"Inspired by World War II's greatest Mustang ace, and a benchmark-setting restoration, Warbirdsim is proud to introduce Major George E. Preddy Jr.'s P-51D "Cripes A' Mighty", in the first of our Then and Now Series. From the wear and tear of combat, to the polish and perfection of an award winning restoration, this product features fully authentic reproductions of Preddy's last wartime mount as it would have been seen in late 1944, as well as the modern example restored in his honour, depicted as it was fresh out of restoration. From the dual-mounted Spitfire mirrors, to the fully reproduced red & white barbershop pole markings, this product provides for a level of accuracy in reproducing these particular aircraft that has never been made possible before.
See here for images of these incredible models.

The new 'Then and Now' Series' Of P-51Ds by Warbirdsim is the pinnacle of our Mustangs produced so far, containing all of the finest features of the 'Cadillac of the Skies Series' all wrapped up in this single aircraft package with a difference. George Preddy's 'Cripes a Mighty' is the first in a series of then and now Mustangs - War-time & Restored in one product.
As the title dictates, our aim will be to produce a series of aircraft as single releases encompassing two styles of our Mustangs. The restored series and the later Little Friends Series, but with updates to the models and HD textures.

P-51D - 'Cadillac of the Skies' Part 4 - 'Little Friends II'

Read an excellent review of Little Friends II at Flightsim.com

Little Friends II Variants - Features of this Special Package
Reproducing these historic and unique examples of the P-51D-5-NA (exactly as they were in WWII, rivet-by-rivet) was the focus of this project. It goes without saying that this release is quite possibly the best we have ever conceived or created for FSX! Eight, amazing aircraft:- SEE HERE

P-51D-5-NA (44-13317) "Donald Duck" 336th FS, 4th FG, 8th AF
P-51D-5-NA (44-13318) "Frenesi" 364th FS, 357th FG, 8th AF
P-51D-5-NA (44-13321) "Cripes A' Mighty 3rd" 487th FS, 352nd FG, 8th AF
P-51D-5-NA (44-13298) "Marie" 2nd FS, 52nd FG, 15th AF
P-51D-5-NA (44-13410) "Lou IV/Athelene" 375th FS, 361st FG, 8th AF
P-51D-5-NA (44-13471) "The Comet" 505th FS, 339th FG, 8th AF
P-51D-5-NA (44-13500) "Flying Dutchman" 308th FS, 31st FG, 15th AF
P-51D-5-NA (44-13760) "Glengary Guy/Jackie" 79th FS, 20th FG, 8th AF

Little Friends II Is the finest representation of the first of the 'D' Model Mustang Escort Fighters as they flew alongside  bomber crews on raids, deep into Germany. Some of the most familiar of the colour schemes for the P-51D are featured on this the P-51D-5-NA version. Well known aces such as George Preddy, Flying his wonderfully-adorned 'Cripes a Mighty 3rd' quickly makes it obvious that this is a 'must-have' set for the avid, P-51D Mustang Collector. Experience what it was like to meet the P-51D for the first time, just as they were when introduced in the early summer of 1944, right in the thick of combat during the Allied invasion of Europe. The N-9 reflector gun sight. The P-51B-style instrument panel. The fabric elevators. Afficiados will note how close the attention-to-detail comes with the removal of the dorsal fin fillet; one of many differences that set the P-51D-5-NA apart from later models. Little Friends II. Undeniably the best P-51 to date.

P-51D - 'Cadillac of the Skies' Part 3 - 'Little Friends'

Warbirdsim P-51D 'Little Friends'
A short film featuring our P-51Ds in action. VIEW

For best results,
choose 720HD or 1080HD Formats.

North American's P-51D Mustang is brought to life in part 3 of our series of this classic aircraft for FSX. 'Little Friends' was the colloquial and affectionate label for the Escort Fighters as given by the Allied Bomber Pilots in World War II as they embarked on daylight raids to their targets, escorted by mainly US 8th Army Air Force Fighters of many types. The most commonly associated for this task is the P-51 Mustang. Because of its long range capabilities, large fuel tanks, and external fuel capacity. The P-51D was able to escort bombers deep into Germany.  In this the most detailed of our part series  of the P-51D Mustang, the only thing that is missing is the smell! Click on the gallery images to view the aircraft in various configurations of drop tanks, with the exposed Gunbay and in flight. Never before has the P-51D been modelled in such detail and accuracy.
Click on the Features section to see more of this stunning detail.

P-51D - 'Cadillac of the Skies' Part 2

Warbirdsim P-51D 'Cadillac of the Skies' Part 1 & 2  Restored Aircraft
A short film featuring our P-51Ds in action. VIEW

For best results, choose 720HD or 1080HD Formats.

North American's P-51D Mustang has again been brought to life in part 2 of our series of this classic aircraft and unique series of sets for FSX.
In the second of our part series, a diverse collection of aeroplanes from across the world lovingly recreated and very accurately portrayed examples of their full size counterparts.
Part 2 Restored aircraft features a working set of rear cockpit controls in P-51D ‘Daddy’s Girl’, a Rocket laden example in FF-704, 3 types of propellers and a whole host of other details, which make the Warbirdsim Mustangs a Must have.

Look at the Technical Section for specific version details and on Gallery Images to see the incredible new models. Warbirdsim's aim from our 1st launch has been to produce the most accurately shaped, textured, sounding and performing aircraft for FS and with these restored examples looking as they do today, with modern Features, avionics, removable gun sights, different propeller configurations and in some cases, even working, rear cockpit controls!
So accurate is our cockpit that a contact at the Chanute Air Museum said P-51 restorers should use our cockpit to work from for restorations.

P-51D - 'Cadillac of the Skies' Part 1

The P-51D Cadillac of the Skies Series of Sets features many Mustang types never before modeled in Flight Simulator X. The NACA version was used for high-speed flight testing of various aerofoil types and features, quite surprisingly, a Mach Meter! This version of the P-51 is probably the only type that can lay claim to this fitting.  As can be seen in the image, the two-seat configuration of many modern P-51Ds has also been modeled in exceptionally fine detail (the front seat can be tilted forward to ease access for the excited passenger)!

Also featured in the first collection of the series is a photographic reconnaissance version of F-6D 'Lil' Margaret' with a fuselage-mounted K24 camera. This restored example quite literally shines as per its real counterpart, with a mirror like finish - the winner of the Grand Champion Warbird Award at Oshkosh in 1993.
Below the wings a bevy of rocket pylons can be seen (in this case without fire-enabled rockets but we hope to feature firing rockets in later production models).

Warbirdsim FSX P-51 Fighter Leader Movie
A brand new short film featuring our P-51B/C & Mustang III
in action. VIEW

For best results, choose 720HD or 1080HD Formats.

St Clair Photo Imaging have very kindly allowed us to use this wonderful 360 degree cockpit view of the Red Tail project P-51C N61429

Click to have a look around the real Aeroplane and judge for yourself how accurate our P-51 really is

FSX VERSION P-51 Fighter Leader 
Take control of your virtual skies with our Mustang package. THE definitive work of one of world's most thoroughbread fighters is for FSX. Already a legend and fast gaining accolades with real P-51 pilots, 10 aircraft and 3 variants are depicted in 1 package; the P-51B, P-51C & the Mustang III along with a selection of different colors worn by the actual Mustangs & featuring authentic manuals and checklists, fly the legends that made real flying a legend.

FSX 'Sleepytime Gal' & 'Dody'  2 new P-51B & P-51C colour schemes reproduced in high detail in the FSX release. Making use of additional features in FSX bump textures add authenticity to an already wonderful model and reflective textures make bare metal shine! Lt. Clarence E Sullivan's P-51-B-10-NA Mustang 'Sleepytime Gal' of the 376th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group.

LtCol McComas' F-6C   FS2004 Fighter Leader II
We receive many messages of good will from customers, but a recent message made us very proud of what we have achieved with our recent Fighter Leader II release.
Robert Bourlier's Uncle was the man responsible for the famous striking 'Black Lightning' design that adorned the 118th TRS aircraft in China.
Here is his message and we hope to include many more exciting images from his collection.
     "I commend you on a very fine reproduction of LtCol McComas' F-6C in which he was so successful in China. My uncle, LtCol Phil Dickey, as a Lieutenant in China with the squadron, was the man who created the "Black Lightning" design and personally painted McComas' airplane. I hope that many of your customers purchase this item.
Robert Bourlier"

Lt. Carl E Decklar, 354th Fighter Squadron. P-51K 44-11360 'Dot Darlin'

This is a message from Marshall T. Decklar in response to the purchase of the Warbirdsim P-51K Models in our dogfight product.
His Father was Lt. Carl E Decklar, 354th Fighter Squadron. P-51K 44-11360 who flew the original WR-H “Dot Darlin”

Please go and fly in his memory.....

Got my Warbird up and running, thanks for all the help. I took my laptop over to my dad's house, set him up with a logitech joy stick, gave him some instructions on how to use it and told him he was on his own while I cut his lawn. Two hours later he was still flying "Dot Darlin" and having a ball, not bad for a 91 year old with no computer experience. Sorry to say that three weeks later he caught pneumonia was hospitalized for a while and passed away at home September 24th. You and your crew have my deepest gratitude for the fine job you did on "Dot Darlin" and for the joy it gave a dying old Mustang driver, even if it was only for a few hours.
Best wishes, Marshall T. Decklar

......Blue Skies Sir!!

Lt. Edward O. McComas Pictured in front of his P-51C 'Miss Revenge'
Commanding officer of the 118th TRS/23rd Fighter Group who achieved 14 kills in only ten weeks and was the only "ace in a day" in the 14th Air Force.

Fighter Leader II showcases the complete sets of all of the color schemes of the TEN aircraft included in the download package. The highly detailed examples fresh from the virtual Inglewood and Dallas factories of Warbirdsim are a BRAND NEW collection of Mustangs for FS2004 users! The P-51B/C & Mustang III have also been extremely faithfully reproduced right down to the last rivet, panel line and individual markings.
Read the history of the Dorsal Fillet version P-51 Mustangs at the bottom of this page

Warbirdsim's North American Mustang Series is primed and waiting for everyone to experience & fly...
The Fighter Leader packages for FSX & FS9 feature the P-51B, P-51C, Mustang III & an F-6C
....a collectors dream.
Ten aircraft in FSX and Eight aircraft in FS9; a faithful reproduction style of the Pilots Operating Instructions plus All download versions, feature the manual as a pdf.

All P-51s are accurately finished and weathered as they would have been after returning from a mission. 'Ding Hao', 'Shangri-La', 'Old Crow', 'Sleepytime Gal' and a Factory fresh are P-51Bs.

The P-51C, represented by 'Ina the Macon Belle'
 a restored example by Kermit Weeks, 'Princess Elizabeth' originally a 'B' but shown as a restored 'C' model for Dan Friedkin and 'Dody'

The Mustang III is beautifully finished, one a Polish 133 Wing RAF example with the Malcolm Hood and the other, the excellent example of RAF 112sqn Sharksmouth plus Birdcage Hood.

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P-51D Mustang Part1
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